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Captain Pike's Pot Roast

5 lbs. of meat. It can be roast cut in serving size chunks, steak, country beef ribs, pork chops, chicken parts or whatever. I do advise against armadillo and possum, but that is just my own preference. Cat is OK as long as it is not your favorite cat.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and drag out a large covered roasting pan. A foil turkey roaster would be good and can be sealed up with foil after loading it.

Place the meat in the bottom of the pan.

A head of cabbage cut into several chunks
A few squash cut in large pieces
Chunks of sweet potato
Chunks of Irish potato
Corn on the cob
Chunks of turnip
Whatever else sounds good and is available. 

Leave out any of the above you don’t want or don't have, but you’ll regret leaving out the cabbage.

Season with salt, pepper, garlic, and cayenne powder if you want some heat.

Cover all this with an abundant layer of sweet onion slices or chunks.

Put the lid on and get some help placing it in the oven, then leave it there for at least an hour.

Test to see if the meat and potatoes are done and serve it up when it is.

This is one pot roast that is darn good even if you leave the roast out, but add some chicken broth if you do.

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