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Captain Pike's Meat & Beans

Base recipe is

1 lb. of hamburger,

3 standard cans of Ranch Style Beans

1 can of whole kernel corn (lightly drained)

1 Tbsp. of garlic powder

2 Tbsps. of cumin

salt and pepper to taste.

Brown the hamburger meat in a large skillet and drain. Stir in all the other ingredients and let it simmer for 30 minutes or so.

The key to the taste is the cumin. Sample the pot and add cumin if needed until you can really taste it.
Good lean hamburger is pretty good for you and beans are great for you, so it is really a pretty healthy dish. If it does bring up your cholesterol a bit, don’t worry because cumin is a blood thinner.

Feel free to substitute ground turkey or chicken, and to mix and match Ranch Style Beans with jalapeños or onion to fit your taste. Ground cayenne pepper can always pep up the heat if you like.

The base recipe feeds 4 people or 2 Firefighters. Adjust amounts as needed.

Assistant Chief James Pike

Tyler Fire Administration

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Main: (903) 535-0005

Email: firechief@tylertexas.com
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