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Permit / Inspection Fees

Permit Fees

Note: Permit Fees are doubled if work is started before permit is issued.

Permit Type


Permit to install Fire Alarm System in commercial building $100/bldg. (1st 10 devices): $1/device thereafter
Permit to install Underground Fire Sprinkler Main $100 / riser
Permit to install Overhead Fire Sprinkler System $100 (1st 25 heads): $1/device thereafter
Permit to install Automatic Fire Extinguishing System $100/system
Permit to remove or install gasoline and chemical storage tanks. $100/tank
Public Fireworks Permit 100/day, display
Exhibit/Trade Show Permit $50
Visual Inspection (Fire Alarm /Underground Fire Line /Overhead Sprinkler) $50
Reinspection (All permitted projects) $50

Inspection Fees

Inspection Type


Hospital (overnight/Group I/>2 stories) $250 (per bldg. address)
Other Medical (req. State insp.) $150
Nursing Home $150
Group Home $100
Daycare $100
Foster Home/Adoption No Charge
Home Fire Safety Inspection No Charge
Reinspection (2nd and subsequent reinspections for Code Violations) $50
All CO Inspections (including re-inspection) $50
Apartment Buildings <= 4 Story $10/building, Min $50, Max $200. 
Apartment Highrise > 4 Story $10/floor, Min $50, Max $200)
Hotels $75
Restaurants (Coffee Shops, Donut Shops, Ice Cream) $50
Restaurants & Cafeterias $75
Bars & Nightclubs $100

Miscellaneous Fees



Expedited Plans Review * $150
After-Hours Inspections ** 200, up to and including 4 hrs. Each additional 1/2 hour: $25 ea.
*As staffing permits, expedited plans review of fire protections systems and other plans permitted through the Tyler Fire Department will be $150, in addition to the regular permit fee. When available, plans will be reviewed (with comments for approval or corrections) within three (3) business days, not including the date of submittal. Current Benchmark for regular plans reviews is five (5) to seven (7) business days. The Expedited Plans Review Fee will be charged, regardless of whether the plans are approved as submitted or returned for corrections.

**As staffing permits, after-hours inspections will be available for customers based on the established fee structure. Normal business hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.


Revised: Jan. 2018

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