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Emergency Management


The City of Tyler’s Emergency Management Division is managed by the Tyler Fire Department Chief as the Emergency Management Coordinator and is assisted by the Fire Department Staff. The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) has been approved by the State of Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management. EMP assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks to members of the City staff and of the Base Plan and 22 functional Annexes.  Each Annex identifies specific activities and actions taken before, during, and after emergencies.  Our EMP is continually updated and exercised during both training and emergency situations.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a gathering point for City Officials and other decision makers who utilize the EMP to ensure the safety of our Citizens.  The EOC combined with our EMP is primarily used during major incidents in Tyler.  From the EOC, we are able to monitor local and national TV stations, local and national weather stations, and provide ongoing press releases.  With our IT department and highly technical capabilities we are able to have a redundancy of interoperability venues to keep us informed in order to develop and apply numerous emergency tactics to keep our citizens informed and out of harm’s way.

Tyler Fire Administration

1718 W Houston Tyler, TX 75702
Main: (903) 535-0005

Email: firechief@tylertexas.com
Business Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. - Monday - Friday