Captain Jeff Hudgens

Captain Jeff Hudgens is assigned to manage the training of the Tyler Fire Department. Captain Hudgens promoted through the ranks of Firefighter, Driver/Engineer, and was promoted to Captain in March of 2012. Captain Hudgens has been in the fire service since 1996 and holds the following certifications: TDSHS Paramedic,TCFP Advanced Firefighter, TCFP Fire Instructor III, Pro Board/TCFP Fire Officer IV, TCFP Aircraft Rescue Firefighter, Industrial Firefighter, NFPA 1006 Vehicle Extrication Technician, and NFPA 1006  Rope Rescue Technician, Advanced Fire Inspector, and an Advanced Fire Investigator. He is also a Commissioned Peace Officer for the State of Texas.



In addition to the above certifications Captain Hudgens is an alumni of the  Fire Service Chief Executive Officer program at the Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University.

Captain Hudgens’ duties include maintaining the various certifications held by members of the Tyler Fire Department by scheduling monthly training on fire ground subjects and medical continuing education. He oversees monthly drills and skills sessions by the Technical Rescue teams and coordinates outside training classes for members. He is a member of the Candidate Interview Board and is involved in the evaluation process of newly hired firefighters. His goal is to provide the most training possible for his fellow firefighters and keep them abreast of the changing fire service. He serves as a Guest Instructor for TEEX on the fire field during Municipal Fire School and at various Extrication schools around Texas.